Should I drop Nick Chubb for Phillip Lindsay

i have kamara, collins & burkhead. looking to strengthen my bench a bit. should i drop Chubb for Lindsay?


I kinda like this idea, you have pretty reasonable depth at RB so this move would be for max upside, and I think Lindsay’s upside is higher than Chubbs at this moment.

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Hard to say, I would say do it because odds are Lindsay gets more work than Chubb ROS. Best scenario for chubb by the end of season (in my opinion) is that he’s more involved in the committee between hyde and johnson… which wont leave a lot of room for success

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Yes. 100% drop Chubb for Lindsay. I am dropping Chubb in all of my redraft leagues. Can always pick him up later. It’s not worth wasting a roster slot on him. He doesn’t look like he’ll be a factor any time soon. Also, this browns team is much worse than I thought. The hue jackson factor is as real as the jeff fisher / john fox factor. They are total nerfs to some of the leagues top talent. It honestly tilts me that coaches of their caliber are still employed. I digress.

I own lindsay in a lot of my dynasty leagues but honestly, didn’t do a tonne of research into him. After this week, I’ve gone back and studied the film. He is actually pretty damn good. Is he an elite talent? Not even close but he caught a TONNE of passes in college. Which is pretty irregular even for the best pass catchers. He caught like 50+ balls and also rushed for 1400 yards in his Junior year. Pretty insane. I think most importantly, he is game script proof. To me, he is the dion lewis to the Freeman’s Derrick henry. Small guy but can definitely handle the work load as he proved in college. Also pretty elusive on tape. I don’t expect him to get 17 touches every week, but 12-15 touches a week is well within reason which is more than enough for flex consideration. More than I can say for Chubb. I am putting in some bids for him in every single league. One of those leagues, I am dropping chubb.

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Ekeler is also available, should i got for Ek over Lindsay?? :slight_smile:

No. Ekeler is a scat back. he blew up cause of game script. he is not a startable asset lol. Gordon is the work horse there. Ekeler is not even remotely a threat. If gordon goes down, I’d be willing to bet they sign someone else.

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Lindsay over Chubb for the short term absolutely. If this is a dynasty league I might hesitate, but for re-draft absolutely. RoS Lindsay should out produce Chubb.

Ekeler I think is actually pretty good. I have a hard time saying he is not the same type of player as Lindsay. Neither are big and they do well catching passes. As a Gordon owner, even last year it was clear Ekeler was getting more work than I would like. However, Gordon is not going anywhere. I could see him lose a small percentage of work, but he is still their guy. Ekeler will do very well with limited work as we have seen IMHO going forward.

But between the two, Lindsay appears to have a better chance of getting significant work this season even with Freeman performing well. I think @MikeMeUpp made a good comparison of the DEN backfield to the current TEN backfield.

100% do not drop Chubb in any dynasty formats. That would be foolish. Chubb is a beast, once he gets an opportunity to play, he’ll show it. There is no one on waivers worth dropping chubb for.

I can see where you’re coming from on this one. From a physical perspective, yeah they are very similar so I agree with you there. The main thing that distinguishes them is this. Chargers have Gordon who is an excellent pass catcher and in close games, I continue to see him getting most of that volume. Sure Ekeler has shown he can be capable when given limited touches but I’m not betting on it cause there’s also games that drops duds. The fact that the lead back in Denver in freeman got zero involvement in the passing game, is what makes me like Lindsay more. Booker, is useless. He is eventually going to get relegated to the bench if not cut. So his passing work, is going to go to Lindsay for the most part. So he alone has that role locked up whereas Ekeler is still second fiddle to Gordon. Also, I was just genuinely surprised at how many carries lindsay got in a close matched game. So it’s not like his touches were game script dependent like Ekeler.

Those are the key distinguishing factors which sets Lindsay apart from Ekeler. We have a full season of data on Ekeler to show that his role isn’t really changing much unless Gordon goes down to injury. If the trend continues for Lindsay though where even if he drops to like 30-40% of carries from the even split and he continues to retain passing down work, I think that makes him a very valuable flex play consideration every week.

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In my re-draft league where we don’t have FAAB(BOO!) Chubb is currently on another team. I do think he will be dropped soon and when he is I am going to hold off on claims if possible. If an injury were to happen to Hyde, he would be THE add.

i think we are saying the same thing in a different amount of words :slight_smile: