Should I drop Phillip Lindsay or Tevin Coleman for Rashaad Penny or Tarik Cohen?

Or should I just keep my roster?

Please please please do not consider dropping tevin coleman. He has the best standalone value and huge upside if/whenever freeman misses time. The next 3 guys I view all similarly, they are all holds in my opinion. But if anything, I would probably keep lindsay at this point - penny could certainly serve up as a decent lottery ticket, probably has a higher chance to do that than lindsay, but lindsay is the new hotness and could draw some interest in trade offers. It probably depends on what the rest of your team looks like as well as your scoring format.

Hope you didn’t just pick up Lindsay…

Agree with the above keep Coleman, especially with Freemans knee already causing missed time and practice. I’d also keep Lindsey here just to see what you have, he seems to be game script proof due to passing work and looked good.
If nothing else you have both the Dev and Royce Freeman owners in a vice if something happens to their guys and can use as trade bait to them for other positions of need or use for yourself.