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Should I drop R. Burkhead for James White?


Should I drop R. Burkhead for James White? PPR league


With NE running backs its always a toss up. I personally like James White better and think he’ll get more work in. I keep thinking about last years superbowl and he was a huge piece in that.


I just added white from the waivers. So I’d say yes lol. But that’s only because I had to drop woodhead


I picked up James White off waivers over Burkhead.

I feel like Tom and James have a better connection.
James looked stronger and faster.
At the same time, the timeshare will favor James just a bit more.


I put a claim for White. He was dropped today so tomorrow I can get him on waivers


Good luck this season!


I’ve been watching White for the past couple of years and keep thinking…"…is this gonna be the year for him???" BUT…as JordyWannaRideWitMe said…in NE you really can’t count on a particular RB any given week.


I say YES YES YES. Burk is just there if Gillislee screws up bad or gets hurt. White gets the most snaps and is the most versatile of the 4 backs. He is Brady’s security blanket (outside of Gronk) I have had him for the past 2 seasons and play him in the flex quite often and am rarely disappointed.


Grab White for sure.


Thanks everyone. I put a claim in for him.


I promise you, you will have fun seeing out there on those passing downs, sneaking out of the backfield


Find another RB