Should I drop Reed?

the frustration w Reed is obvious. I have Brate. Wilson and Luck and Mariota (dropping Luck or Mariota after this wk). The rest of my team in this league looks good on paper but isn’t putting up the points. Reed tanking my team every week rather than helping but I usually don’t drop players of this caliber.

Don’t just flat out drop him, he’s been putting up TE2 numbers so you can definitely trade him away and get a mediocre player. There’s not a lot of TE’s available right now and I guarantee there is someone in your league who needs a TE atm. So trade Reed to gain some depth on your roster where you need it the most

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agreed as above. I wouldn’t drop him. Brate is looking great, past his BYE week and getting targets - so take advantage of that and trade away Reed. You’ll get more value off a trade than a FA.