Should I drop Robert woods for Chris Hogan

T.Y. Hilton
Josh Gordon
Kennan Allen
Larry Fitzgerald
Robert woods

I have Kittle and Burton at TE and could drop Burton

Wouldn’t drop Woods for Hogan. Probably would drop Burton though

I’d drop Burton for Hogan. Not Woods.

I think you could get more for Burton in trade. He is still a playable TE in most peoples opinion, compared to Waiver Wire pick-ups.

It seems to me that Woods is competing for fewer targets this year, but Josh Gordon’s presence in NE makes me believe that the coaching staff isn’t happy with the receiving core. IF Josh Gordon and Julian Edelman play together (BIG IF), then that would decimate Hogan’s value. Whereas Robert Woods will have later season value dependent on game-script on the team’s position on the playoffs. I don’t see the Rams force-feeding Gurley the ball once the division looks locked-up.

wouldnt drop any of those for hogan unless you need to start him this week or next. i think he will be useless once edelman is back now that gordon is in there.