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Should I drop Sammy Watkins?


He has been warming up by bench lately since Week 3 and is just taking up some valuable real estate. Thinking of picking up Paul Richardson from the waiver instead. Please advise…


I have him in 1 league and he’s staying put on the bench. Too much talent for me to just let him dissipate to waivers. If it’s any consolation on him, I have Kupp in one league (incase he took over). he got like a whole 1 more reception than Watkins so it’s not like Goff’s just targeting “his guy” he’s just kinda flat the last 3 weeks as a whole.


I dropped him a couple weeks ago after his first 1 catch performance and it was a weight lifted off my shoulders. There are probably more viable options in waivers to grab. Frustrating because he has all the tools but far too inconsistent


What are your thoughts on me picking up Jordan Matthews and drop Sammy? He is available on the waiver…


I would not drop sammy for matthews. I think sammy watkins still has some value attached to his name. I would only drop him if your team is already pretty set, and you saw corey davis or mike williams (lac) on the waivers - just to see what they can produce in the near future. Otherwise, sammy could have a few good games and he’s automatically good trade bait. Is he startable? Only if you’re desperate.


So this is my roster…


Interesting. I think there are two options: wait and possibly allow watkins value to build, then trade him (risky and not immediate).

Drop him or snead, in my opinion similar value players, and depending on your waiver situation pick up a wr. I would advise against jordan matthews - the bills refuse to throw to receivers.


I think people love the name. try and trade, but if you can afford it, keep him.