Should I drop Sony Michel?

8 team league, 1 flex.

Players I own who are relevant to this question: Lamar Jackson, Matt Stafford, Robert Woods, John Brown and Sony Michel. As of right now, Michel is my 4th string RB, Robert Woods and John Brown are my 4th and 5th best WRs, who I think are essentially tied in value.

Should I drop any of these players, including Matt Stafford, to pick up Ronald Jones? I’m thinking Sony Michel is the most drop-able. Matt Stafford is my second pick to drop, but I kind of like having a strong backup in case Jackson gets injured.

I don’t think you should drop him because hes still the starting RB in a good offense but Burkhead returning definitely limits his ceiling, if possible maybe I would try a package trade him to a RB needy team and get an upgrade somewhere where you need then pick up Jones

In an 8 man league I would think both Woods and Brown are droppable. There have to be guys just as good if not better on the waiver wire. RB’s are harder to come by than WR’s so I wouldn’t be dropping Michel.