Should I eat Chipotle or Chick-fil-A?

I have lunch in like thirty minutes and I’m conflicted.

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chick fil A

Any particular reason?

Chipotle. Better bang for your buck.

Alrighty, appreciated.

Which is closer?

LOL so awesome. Chipotle is sooo damn good!

PPR or Standard?


Chic fil A is light years better. Come bro

Chipotle has the higher ceiling

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Damn it! I had Wendy’s and kept Chipotle on my bench!!!


Not sure why you would do that. I guess Wendy’s has a pretty solid floor, but it’s definitely not the upside play. Gotta start the studs come playoff time

I suck at Fantasy Fast Food.


I would have gone chick fil a, I eat chipotle every week because its close by but i dont have a chance to get chick fil a as often. you should go there because so many people dont have that chance.

Also, Chipotle sunday is a real thing while watching Red Zone, grab a bowl grab a burrito bowl and then watch the magic happen. Chick fil a you cant get on sunday…

To me, chipotle has the higher floor, not ceiling. It’s always good and gauranteed to be good but I never expect it to be overwhelmingly good.


We agree that Chipotle is matchup proof then

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not the higher ceiling?!? C’mon now…

Steak > Chicken. Better pedigree, higher ceiling

I may be biased, but Wendy’s has so many options and the option to dip fries in a frosty is a limitless ceiling. A cup of chili a bad floor

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Sooooo what did you go with?

I went for Chick-fil-A. It’s very cold and I didn’t have to get out of my car.