Should I even bother sending this trade?

With McKinnon out. I need WR help, and obviously my buddy needs RB help. I’m gonna offer him Royce for his A.J…Thoughts??

I currently have D. Johnson and J. Howard as my starters. I’m looking to win so I’m not worried about his feelings, he’ll probably not even take it.

That’s insulting. I wouldn’t take that even if i had zero RBs and it was a start 4 RB 1 WR league.


Haha it definitely is, I’m trying to take advantage of it

Would you say Hogan/K. Johnson for A.J. is ok??

No, that’s not much better. That’s a top 10 at the position for WR2 and a lottery ticket.

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I’ve offered McCoy Breida and Morris for the mckinnons owners devante Adams am in same boat need wrs

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You can offer whatever but it’s those lowball offers that have caused my leagues to have basically no trades. If I got that offer I’d turn it down and send a text telling the person to eff off

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We’ll fortunately my league is very competitive, and everyone see’s through lowball trades unless their desperate. Trades still go on

So is mine but since everyone lowballs no one trades. It’s a bad precedent in fantasy. I always accomplish trades since I follow the ballers strategy of offering something that betters both teams

Ya that’s the strategy I use as well. Just not this time haha

A: This is a disgusting title for a post.

B: That trade is pathetically insulting. It’s vulture behavior, and when I get offers like that, I’ll put that person on the blacklist. You should be ashamed.


I changed the title.
Completely agree with you on both 1 & 2.


This is why I don’t ever offer low ball trades. I don’t immediately start with my best and final but I offer something fair or close to it to get the conversation going. When people send me lowballs, I don’t even bother negotiating with them. That is how you limit your trading potential down the road. No one wants to deal with low ball offers.

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Exactly! There are only two thoughts to think about a low-ball offer;

1: This guy’s a sleaze.

2: This guy doesn’t know what he’s doing.

In either case, my estimation of that person’s potential to ever treat with me fairly goes down dramatically. You never want to send your top offer first, but I at least always try and send something that will have them curious. Unless, of course, I really see value, in which case I’ll throw my best offer to avoid delay or hesitation.

But, ultimately, you want to offer something that’s at least respectful. My general rule is, always treat the other person like they know what they have… Because typically, they do. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t have that player (or players) on their team.

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