Should I Even try to predict Kickers?

I know kickers are essentially random outside of just averaging more points as the amount their offense scores increases. That being said…

Do you guys try to stream? Or just roll one guy out there and take the highs/lows that come with it

I have Zane Gonzalez right now, but could pick up Michael Badgely or maybe Will Lutz.

Just curious what the Footclan’s stance on kickers is, presuming your league hasn’t canned them already.

I try to get a kicker from a game that I think it going to be high scoring. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t.

I personally hate kickers because like you said its a crapshoot and don’t think they should be in fantasy, but that’s just me.

Last week I lost because they guy had the Dallas kicker who put up 14 points, I lost by 2 points.

That’s tough, I’m sorry to hear that happened, I wish it had happened to one of your league mates so you could have another vote against them when you propose rule changes in the off-season.

I’m in a league full of old men who begin the “well why don’t you just get rid of D/STs too” and “I don’t like Loyola Marymount scoring” or “kickers are a part of the team too (note they’d view adding defensive players to fantasy as sacrilege)” nonsense so I feel your pain.

I was going to pick up bagley but has a bye in two weeks. I have lambo on bye. Going between on getting tampa, Dallas or minn kicker.