Should I except the trade

Someone in my league wants me to trade him Crowell, Cooks I would get lynch and Cooper should I except the trade? #fantasyfootball

i would, Lynch will be a consistent 12 point PPR guy and Cooper will have big games. Id take lynch over Crowell any day and cooks vs cooper, with cooks you never know when patriots are going to target him a lot, so id take that trade.

Yeah accept that for sure.

Yes, I’d do this. I’d look to flip them though. Even if you can’t, I’d do this.

I think Cooper and Cooks are equal, both roller coasters with big game potential.

Before the season started I wasn’t nearly as high on Crowell as others and really wanted nothing to do with him and after 2 games I like Lynch way more now.

So, yes take that trade and run!

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I excepted the trade thanks footclan!