Should I flex Morris, V Davis or Ginn?

Standard league. I know Morris would typically be the answer, but his role isn’t yet proven and he’s going against the #1 rush defense. Vernon Davis has been solid (I have Ertz as TE start) and it looks like Reed will be out again. Or I could stack Ginn with Brees, but that feels risky.

What do you all think? I need this win for playoffs!

I would go with Davis or Morris. I feel the NO-WAS game will be high scoring and the Skins will be playing from behind. On the other hand, Dallas needs a win and I expect them to come out and play with a purpose. Morris probably has a safer floor.

I wouldn’t start any RB against that Eagles D front…they are NASTY! And I expect the Eagles to be up which means negative game script for Morris and probably more run for Smith…if it’s confirmed that Reed is out I would go Davis…Ginn could get a bit of run but the way that offense has been clicking in the run game I think it’s another Thomas, Ingram, Kamara game…if it was PPR I’d lean Ginn slightly but in standard I think Davis has the most upside of these 3