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Should I flip CMC?

With changes possible in Carolina… should I try to sell high on CMC? I took the title last year, so I’ve got the 10 spot in the draft. I could get the 1:01 for him plus Lev Bell and Fournette. Am I crazy for wanting to do this?..

assuming this is dynasty ppr: I’d want more than 1.01 Le’v and Lenny for CMC. In a 10 man league those top level players are even more valuable. The 1.10 should be pretty valuable this year as this class is loaded.

I wouldn’t make that trade if I were you. I would say keep CMC for another year (maybe two) and then deal him. Unless he suffers some sort of catastrophic injury, he’ll still be great the next 2 years. Plus the coaches coming in are good (maybe great) offensive minds, so his numbers might be even more safe