Should I go after the Yeti. Edit Yeti is captured

12 man Half ppr starts 1 qb 2rb 2wr 1te 1 flx. I should be making the playoffs and I like my team but Im not sure if I should try to trade for Henry without hurting my team his team is also playoff bound

My team
Robinson, Carson, Gibson, CEH, Harris
Adams, Ridley, Diontae, Jefferson
Hockenson, Hooper

His Team
Henry, Swift, Monty, Hines
Julio, Kupp, Robinson, Shepard
Hurst and Graham

Id like to keep either robinson or carson to have with henry

I was thinking something like Robinson and CEH for Henry but idk if thats enough

Anyone see any offers theyd make to add him or should i just stand pat with what I have

It’s worth offering that. I don’t think that’s an offer that is auto reject. You’ll get a bit of discussion or a counter I think. Personally I think Carson would be the guy I’m offering up with CEH.

Youd rather have the consistent workload of robinson i take it then? I see Carson as being a higher ceiling player and robinson the safe floor but the schedule gets a bit tougher for Robinson

I dont think losing either with ceh hurts my team to bad right?

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Yeah I think so. Carson injury issues concern me a bit too. I also think most people would rather have Carson so probably a more tempting offer. If you added Henry I think you’ll be fine but probably more likely to flex WR although Gibson and Harris are fine depending on matchup.

I feel like theyve sat him (Carson) out for way longer than expected so im not sure if thats a sign they gave him the time to heal properly and didnt rush him back or if his injury was worse than first thought.

they have Arizona, @ Eagles, Giants, Jets, @ Washington, Rams
Jags have Pitt, Browns, @ Vikings, Titans, @ Baltimore and Bears

Thats basically why i was leaning carson for that schedule when he “should” be back

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Carson if healthy is a set and forget even with a bad schedule. Hopefully he prefers Robinson and you get a Henry carson rb squad then. Both with outrageous fantasy schedules coming up

Our deadline is stupid late and not until the 27th so hes got another bad matchup this week with baltimore. Curious would you wait to see if he has another semi bad game and then offer it? or should I try for it now, he has had a couple bad games against the bears and indy

Also do you think this fits his team like hiim getting 2 for 1 rbs I kinda do but its a detroit based league so idk how much hes in on swift too could be alot or not with our frustration level here for our team

I tend to go with the idea of make the offer and try get the guy. Waiting might help if he duds but if he explodes his recency bias says he’s a must keep. I think it’s an offer that gives him better options. He’s not far off depending on hines and that’s super risky. Worst case you keep what you have and that’s not bad at all.


Wasnt able to offer it last week with some line up issues I had.

Henry had a good game but so did CEH and robinson did alright against a super tough matchup. Still thinking I offer those two but anyone have any other thoughts on it for me

Maybe Gibson involved? His team took a bad loss this week but we both still should make playoffs, I like my team but if I can upgrade I should try right?

i want to piggyback on this discussion as I’m also interested in potentially acquiring either Henry or Diggs.

My lineup:
QB: Allen
WR: Thomas, Moore, Evans, Davis, Lazard
RB: Robinson, Hunt, Drake, Edmonds
TE: Waller

Was thinking Thomas+Hunt or Robinson+Moore might be enough to get Henry, but not sure if i have enough depth to sustain it.

Other option is to try and maybe get Diggs, as that owner potentially lost Julio as well as Tee Higgin’s QB, so he is paper thin at WR. Could maybe do Thomas+Evans for Diggs, or try and swing Thomas+Davis but not sure if they’d do that.

Thoughts anyone?

well dang if you wanna hijack it atleast throw an opinion on mine lol

I like the Robinson and Moore more than the Thomas and hunt for you but it does make your depth a little suspect and the 2 for 1 of thomas and evans for diggs seems to not be all that much of an upgrade when you lose that depth.

Lol sorry i thought i had already posted my thoughts on this topic.

Based on your depth, i think Robinson and Ridley would be a good offer, as Matt Ryan is an abysmal QB when he doesn’t have Julio on the field and that hammy is going to prevent him from being healthy the rest of the year i’d imagine. I agree with @Mr_Wind-up_Bird that Carson is a great set-it and forget it guy when healthy, and i think the seahawks have been cautious with him so he can be healthy for the home stretch.

You do have a bit of RB depth so you can likely afford to send 2 backs for 1, but i think they generally have much safer floors and would rather shed a WR than another back.

mmm i know what you mean i just worry that despite Thomas’s upside, he’s largely unknown heading into fantasy playoffs. He had a return to form with Taysom Hill but didn’t have that same success when he played those 1-2 games with Brees, but he could just be shaking the rust off.

Diggs on the other hand would stack with my Josh Allen, but i would be forced to roll out either Diggs+Moore ROS or Diggs+Evans/Davis if i went the Thomas+another reciever route. The Diggs owner is essentially eliminated from playoff contention so i worry that he won’t be as active these final weeks.

I worry about my own depth even though i’m in first place at 8-3 with a 1 game lead heading into the second to last week of regular season

The guy with Henry’s team is above in the orginal post. he has Julio so I doubt he wants Ridley and hes got solid WR and therres good WR on our waivers but hes a little weak at RB with Swift maybe missing this thursday

I see what your saying but I just look at MT and the career of short passes and taking them long and Hill still targeted him plenty for him to get his useage vs Moore has largely been boom or bust Robinson schedule gets tougher and Hunt has Chubb so its close on all of it but id still lean to give up robinson and moore

But do you ultimately think making that offer is Henry is the most beneficial move, or should i stop overthinking and sit pat

Doesnt hurt to low ball offer first. Send Hunt and Moore or evans and see if he bites on that, Henry has had a couple bad weeks this year but if you have to pay up I may sit with what you have

You think Gibson and CEH is to low ball of an offer for Henry I want to start discussions low and have room to work up without being insulting. you think thatd be considered a joke of an offer or no? technically in our half ppr their rb 9 and 10 on the year,

Winds up low balling got me Henry for just Gibson and CEH. Now ill have Henry Carsoon Robinson

Big win for me I think


Very jealous of that trade going through for you. Huge win.

Inspired me to want to try and lowball as well just to see what happens, but i’m looking at Hunt’s playoff schedule and it’s actually pretty sweet, with weeks 15-16 are Giants and Jets. as i am currently, i’m trending towards either remaining in first place, will likely secure it with a win this week, so i’d have a week 14 Bye.

Should i still try and ship Hunt away when he has arguably the best playoff schedule of my RB’s?