Should I go for a better QB?

Full point ppr, I think I want to try and get a better QB2 instead of streaming week by week. Who should I go for and who should I offer?

Current lineup:
QB: J. Winston
QB: B. Hundley
RB: K. Hunt
Rb: M. Ingram
Wr: A. Brown
Wr: D. Baldwin
Wr: D. Thomas
Te: Z. Ertz
Wr/rb: J. Ajayi
Wr/rb/te: A. Thielen
K: Matt Bryant
K: G. Gano
Def: Panthers
Bench: D. Funchess
D. Amendola
I. Crowell
J. Allen
K. Rudolph
B. Bortles

What is you’re record in this league so far? And how many teams are in this league.

I can’t believe you roster 2 kickers. I’d try to flip ajayi for a QB.

I’m 6-1 and 8 teams

still, you roster 2 kickers

Because we start 2 kickers idk why

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh now I get it…sorry I thought you had 2 kickers for a backup instead of just streaming…lol sorry


Only an 8 team league. You can do more than get by- by streaming the QB position.

I say If you want a 20+ pt Qb then yes change him