Should I go with my current roster to the playoffs or trade gurley

Ok this is a 16 man standard I’m currently in 5th at 5-4 I should only have 1 loss but I didn’t play ginn for 3 weeks and lost. My current roster is Qb mariota, brisset, Rb gurley,Morris,Drake,Henry, Wr juilo, dez, funchess, doctson, te graham def steelers, rams. A guy just trade for hunt and I might be able to get him but should I offer gurley or dez (he’s a cowboys fan) but he also just traded Brady, hunt for walker, ginn, Stanton. If I could get him to bite on dez, drake for hunt, ginn or maybe gurley for hunt and ginn any advice would help please and thank you foot clan

I think that that is a great idea. If you can get him to give you Hunt for Dez then it’s the steal of the century. Gurley for Hunt is a fair trade and I think that Hunt will be a better asset rest of season. You should try to get Gurley for Hunt and some change… Ginn is fine, but you never know if he’ll be reliable. Maybe see if he’ll bite on someone a little more reliable and if he won’t, then go for the Hunt/Ginn trade.

You could package Gurley/Dez/Drake for Hunt &some other top tier player

His roster is Qb beathard, Stanton,Rb Crowell, Kelley, lacy Wallman hunt, Wr Lockett, ginn, Davis, Snead, te walker, celek, def buffalo now looking because some of this is trades I could offer brissett and see what I can get

He’s also got Olsen on ir