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Should i go with my guts? (Trade)


I got a trade for Alex smith for DEF Houston and Watson Qb i k they play Browns but still for Alex smith idk i really like him


With JJ Watt going out, that defense took a HUGE hit, but Watson has been a beast. Would he be your starter?


Yes he would i have Russel but he is on BYE


To me your trading a streamer for a streamer… go with ur gut… whos ur current defense?


Jax i had Kansas but i wanted jax


Actually looking at matchups for the week… Smith plays PITTS, but watson gets the Browns… haha You could always try to flip watson after this week… Someone will probably overpay for him. I packaged him with Hopkins last week and got McCoy


Oh smart thanks man really helped



Hoping it works out for you! But id stay in the fire with Watson haha