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Should I HANDCUFF DeMarco Murray?


Hey Guys,

I was offered Derrick Henery for D’onta Foreman. I’m the Demarco Murray owner, and would then HANDCUFF him, which is enticing b/c of the hamstring issues.

I love Foreman’s upside should something happen to Lamar Miller, and feel Murray/Henery are similar to ATLs RBs, Freeman/Coleman, but not as reliable, esp with all the QB issues in TEN.

My other RBs are Todd Gurley and Billal Powell. This trade would also mess up my week 8 because Gurley/Murray/(potentially)Henery will all be on bye.

What should I do???



My league settings are 12-team, 1/2 pt per

1QB, 2 WR, 2RB, 1 TE, 1FLX, 1K, 1 DEF


Week 8 is fast approaching. If you don’t have a plan ready to go soon then I say help yourself out and get Foreman.


Even if I didn’t have Demarco, I would rather have Henry than Foreman. It’s an added benefit that you have the handcuff to a back that really needs a handcuff. I would do this without hesitation.