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Should I handcuff J. Howard with T. Cohen?


Here’s the breakdown. Did my first auction draft, wound up with ajayi and Howard as my RBs just out of the value, (got caught bidding one up, certainly wouldn’t have blown the budget otherwise).
I currently have 2nd priority on the waiver wire, and I’m wondering what people think about handcuffing Howard with cohen. My other rbs are pretty gross: Perine, Lacy and James White. Think its worth blowing my 2nd waiver wire priority on Cohen?
Currently I have my waiver claim in dropping Lacy for Cohen. I’m also curious if holding Perine is even worth it, maybe he’s the better drop, but “Fat Rob” certainly didn’t get it done.


I’d make that transaction. Lacy looked flat-out bad… and I agree that Perine still has a decent shot at taking over that backfield. Cohen would be ridiculous if Howard went down (think Riddick w/o Abdullah on steroids) and he’s still a plus play in the FLEX even with Howard there.


Definitely pick up Cohen. Not sure if you want to start both of them this week yet (haven’t looked into the matchups and whatnot yet), but I’d drop Lacy for Cohen. Even if you don’t use him for your roster, he’ll be a very attractive guy to trade.


Thanks guys. Yeah this is the move. Gonna pull the trigger on adding cohen and dropping lacy and wait til after waivers pass and see who else is left. Right now Golladay is on Waivers as well, and I’m definitly streaming a different option than Andy Dalton and Eric Ebron in week 2.
Although the TEs look like crap right now, maybe someone is dropping their backup when waivers clear.


I’d suggest looking at the teams with elite TEs that sucked this weekend (ie. Graham, Eifert, etc.) and seeing if any of those teams are lacking RB depth…could be a solid trade for Tarik.


Going to piggy back on this feed because have essentially the same question. I have Howard and number 1 waiver priority. Top guys to pick up are Cohen, Golladay, Algholor.

I watched the game Sunday because I am a Bears fan, they were force feeding Cohen the ball. Glennon was checking everything down to him so I would not be shocked if Cohen gets 15 touches a week from these dump passes and spell carries from Howard. He also looked pretty good returning punts so that can also be a plus. He also lined up in the slot and Glennon missed him on a throw for a 25 yard TD. Nothing but good signs.


Yeah, thats what I saw in this game too. The only scary part is not ever having priority again this season.
The WRs are intriguing (Hilton/Luck owner here) but i don’t think i want to drop Crowder, Decker, or Corey Davis yet. (I have Diggs and Garcon to play my WR slots till Luck comes back.) Cohen is the only one I’d consider burning priority over in my situation, he could be huge if Howard goes down, and I don’t have the RB strength to recover from that.


Yeah not burning on a WR. I have Evans, Crabtree, Diggs, Corey Coleman. Always think you can get value WRs.