Should I hold Jimmy Garoppolo or drop and Pick up Fitzpatrick

I have Trod Taylor, but I need a back up just in case for streamers weeks that I don’t like the match up and if he can’t recover from that Saints blowout last week.

I have Jimmy G. and was hoping he played during the Giants game. Now he has a BYE. I really hope he plays after BYE and goes off. I believe Jimmy G has potential and I also believe 49ers will have to play him at some point during the season.

What should I do? Take the risk and continue to believe in Jimmy G is going to play and kick ass.


Pick up wack QB like Fitzpatrick who is better then all the other available QB options. He also has a better QB Match up going forward and the potential to play more games if Winston can’t recover in time.

Any help is appreciated.

P.S. I’ll prob play Taylor this week against Chargers.