Should I hold on to both Cook and Diggs?

I recently traded for Cook and it looks like he is going to be good. But i don’t really like having two Minnesota players in my lineup every week. Should I stick with starting both or trade one before the deadline?

I’m torn over the same issue honestly looking forward to feedback.

If you can get fair value for one of them I’d trade them away. Not particularly important to me which one you trade

Would you send a trade Diggs in exchange for Allen straight up?

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Ya I think I like that. Both are good, Diggs probably has the higher boom potential but I like Allen ROS.

I think it depends on your depth at both positions. Can you afford to give up Diggs? or can you afford to give up Cook?

I personally think Diggs’ production should increase going forward now that Thielen is such a strong threat to defenses and the Vikings running game is improving. With Cook, even as a Vikings fan, I’m still a little bit wary. Latavius Murray is a capable and solid RB2 on the team who can take snaps away, if Cook even shows a little bit of injury then I’m even more concerned because he just can’t stay healthy.

Saying that, Cook could be awesome if he can continue his production, I just am skeptical until I see it actually start happening consistently.

Would you trade Diggs away for Allen if you owned Cook?

Don’t mean to highjack your thread OP. Long story short, Diggs is the only one with enough perceived value to get a decent return right now, and his perceived value is even low until he returns from injury and produces. I’ve searched the league and there are no legitimate trade options both parties would consider for Cook. I’m holding him in hopes of major emergence.
As for Diggs, he probably has enough stock to shop around, but don’t sell him short. As others have mentioned he has a solid outlook ROS.

I have Hunt and DJ as my rbs and Allen, Diggs, Edelman as my wrs. This is a 2 wr League also so I keep one in the flex. I could afford to lose either but also hunt goes on bye next week so I would need an rb in return if I traded Cook. I just don’t know there values on the trade market.

I personally want no part of Cook too risky for me to get hurt again. If you can get nice value for him move him. I think Diggshas a solid finish to the year

What could cook and Edelman together possibly get me? I know some in my league are high on cook

Someone in my league said they’ll give me Fournette and Sutton for Cook. That’s pretty damn high for cook. If he’s this high, should I add Edelman and ask for Zeke? I know normal people don’t take that but who knows

Well I think you have to also take into account Hunt going on bye next week, do you have anyone to fill that void? because losing Hunt one week will be (I would think) a big hit to your fantasy production.

I think because you have DJ and Hunt already, Cook is just a good backup to have. I assume you can only start 2 RBs anyways and your flex is taken up by a WR anyways.

I wouldn’t make any moves personally, Cook’s value increases knowing the fact you have Hunt going on bye. And Diggs value stays increased as to me he is your WR1 with Edelman as your WR2 and Allen is your flex worthy play.

Hold on Cook even with a possible offer to get Fournette? Both have injury history but at full strength Fournette seems better. Has Allen’s value dropped far as a flex/wr2? I feel he will bounce back like last year.

Oh sorry I missed your previous post.

Yes take that trade. Cook -> Fournette+Sutton is a great trade. Then you could turn Sutton/Diggs for another upgrade at WR or RB and boost your team even more so.

If you could somehow spin it to Cook+Edelman for Zeke+Sutton then that would be EVEN better.