Should I Hyde in my Flex? Or Williams I regret it?

Sorry for the terrible punning, but I need advice on who to play in my Flex position. I am debating between Carlos Hyde or Jamaal William.

I am already favored in my match-up, but I don’t want to blow it on a busted Flex Spot.

10-Man, Standard Scoring League

Full Team:
P. Rivers
L. Fournette
A. Kamara
M. Thomas
A. Thelein
(Currently) C. Hyde
K. Rudolph
R. Gould
K. Cousins
R. Matthews
(DebatingFlex) Jamaal Williams
G. Olsen
A. Rodgers
M. Goodwin

Happy Playoffs Everyone!

Part of me thinks hyde will be used less with jimmy in there

Id probably go Williams if it was me


2nd that Williams has been solid, they give him the ball often with Hundley. I like Hyde as well this week, I think the run game in SF opens up with Jimmy G there. But that Houston D is still strong vs the run so go with the safer bet Williams.

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Thanks guys! I appreciate the input.

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Yeah Williams for me too even with Aaron Jones back. They need to take some of the pressure off of this backup QB. I myself just dropped Hyde off my team. Plus he plays Houston which is great against the RB. Unless of course Hyde starts catching a bunch of passes which like someone else said is unlikely with Garrapalo.