Should I join a dynasty?

I’ve always been curious about dynasty leagues, but I either can’t find people to make a league with me or I am to hesitant to get into one. What are they like? What’s the time commitment like? I’m also worried that I might not be very patient for a dynasty league if my team ends up bad for a couple years. Any insight would be appreciated! Thanks!

Last year I started a dynasty league and it’s some of the most fun I’ve had in fantasy football, the whole league was first time dynasty players which helped get people acclimated. I don’t feel like it takes any more time that traditional leagues but as players in my league are starting to figure out as we go into year 2 you have to be careful with trading/dropping younger player. The only other difference is you kinda want to pay attention to the incoming draft class especially if your in the bottom half of your league… I highly recommend getting into dynasty league if you want that little extra challenge

let me know if you start up a league - I’m also need to dynasty but am interested and need a fix during the off season

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If you start up a league, I would be interested in joining (If the buy-in isn’t too high)
Sleeper: 80Juice

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@noobmaster69 and @j341681 how do you feel about the following rules:
•TE premium

And I’m also very interested in the way the Ballers do the keepers in their league of record. How do you feel about that vs dynasty?

If enough people are interested, I might create a league. I wouldn’t implement all of the above rules, but just some items I’m interest in that would consider.

I come from vanilla half point redraft yahoo leagues, so would be okay with a couple new adds, but not all. IDP is too deep a dive, but Superflex + PPR sure.

Sounds good, I’m actually looking for a IDP league, but would join anyway if you decide not to do that.
Also just throwing it out there, if you do a smaller league, you could go 2QB instead of Superflex. Just another option.