Should I keep any kickers or defenses ahead of rookie draft

It’s my 1st rookie draft and Idk if I should drop my 2 kickers and 2 defenses I have sly and Blankenship and Indy and La Rams def.

Should I drop or keep 1 of each or none.
I have to trim down roster by 4. That way I could not drop any position players and worry about k and d later?

I’m not much of a dynasty guy but I would think you would be better off dropping them. Ks and defenses can always be streamed worst case scenario.

That is what I want someone to tell me. Haha

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I personally don’t play dynasty with kickers or DST but from what I’ve seen kickers can still be streamed rather easily but most if not all DSTs are owned. I’d drop the kickers but hold onto your DSTs