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Should I keep Melvin Gordon or David Johnson?


In a PPR keeper league, trying to decide between David Johnson and Melvin Gordon as a keeper. Worried about the Cardinals offense this year and Johnson coming off an injury worries me as well. Help needed.


Keep DJ. His injury was wrist, not legs. I would not let that impact your decision. DJ is the more talented player.

As for offenses, i get it. The Chargers look great and Cardinals have questions. But opportunity leans me towards DJ. I assume they will be playing from behind and throwing to their RB1/WR1.


Stick with DJ like @fun4willis said, it was a wrist injury (a weird one at that also). Plus DJ’s ceiling is higher than Gordon’s. Concern of the offense is understandable but even with that into consideration I would choose DJ without hesitation.


I completely agree with @fun4willis and @ManningsOFace69 the wrist injury will not hamper his return and DJ honestly has the ability to get the 1000/1000 yards.


Its DJ by a mile unless you’re getting to keep gordon at a ridiculously low cost.


DJ for sure