Should I keep OBJ?

I’m in a 2 keeper 10 team league. I have the # 7 overall pick. Is it a no brainer to keep OBJ costing me a 1st round and AJ Green 2nd round? I’ve been considering Ajayi for my 6th round and throwing OBJ back and still drafting in the 1st. I know I won’t get OBJ back at #7 but I could go with another good WR or RB at that spot. My thinking is that if I keep OBJ & AJ, I won’t have a pick until #27 and I don’t know if I want to risk possibly having the likes of Montgomery or Hyde as my RB1. If I keep AJ & Ajayi, I see me picking at #7 with the likes of TY, Cooper, Gurley, Gronk being available to me (I have a pretty good idea who is being kept) and I’d have a good RB1 & WR1 and with that 1st round pick I could get a solid RB2 or WR2. Thoughts??

I agree with what you are thinking about. Put OBJ back in and draft 1st round. Worst case you get a top WR back but not as good as OBJ but you get Ajayi and Green as steals. I would try to get Freeman/Murray with the 7th but idk who will be around there.