Should I keep or make a move?

Being offered Alexander Mattison for Matt Breida, would you guys rather keep Breida or try to take a shot with Mattison. Now that Sanders is with the 49ers do you see the run game production going down and Mattison/Cook has probably the easiest schedule in one of the heaviest run teams. I know we cant predict injuries so. Keep Breida or take Mattison for the Home Run Shot?

If the rest of your RBs look okay I’d take that. Even Mattison could be started this week as a flex cus they are playing Washington. If they get a big lead they could give him some work

My RB’s are Bell, A. Jones, Breida, Montgomery, and J.D Mckissic

I mean Breida is in a run heavy offense but he will always be splitting carries. If you feel like you can get through with Jones and Bell is do it. You do gotta be ready for Jones’s bye week coming up too