Should I leave it alone?

12 Team PPR, 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 2 Flex

With my current team, does my outlook look to be able to sustain success without early-round picks in 2021?

  • QB - R. Wilson, R. Fitzpatrick, T. Tagovailoa, M. Trubisky

  • RB - N.Chubb, K. Drake, C. Carson, J. Robinson, L. Bell, F.Gore, L.Murray, G. Edwards, D.Harris, D.Ozigbo, B.Love, J.Hill

  • WR - M.Thomas, C. Godwin, JuJu, K. Allen, R. Woods, C. Claypool, V. Jefferson, D. Robinson, T. Smith, A. Lazard

  • TE - T. Kelce, J.Smith, D. Sample, R.Tonyan

  • Current picks in 2021 - 2021 4th, 20215th, 2021 6th, 2021 8th( 2x). My earliest pick in 2022 is in the 2nd round.

Ideally, you shouldn’t trade away your early round draft picks if you can avoid it. Are you looking to make moves?

I’m listening to see what my league is willing to pay but not going after an offer. Last move I did was spent a 1st for Drake.

My mindset with selling is I’ve been towards the back of the 1st round the pass 2 years so I use those picks for established WRs or RB2s with the hope I can get 2-3 years max of continued production. Bought Woods with my ‘19 first, bought Bell with my ‘20, and bought Kelce with my ‘21 and ‘22 1st. I use my 2nd at times to add to a deal like selling Kerryon, Sterling and my ‘20 2nd for M. Thomas.

I know I’m going to have to not do this to recoup talented youth, but given the past drafts were mostly WR heavy I was happy with the ones I had on my roster so spent elsewhere.