Should I look into getting another WR?

I have only had 3 WRs all year: AB, Hopkins, and Cooper

this week line up:
QB: Taylor
RB: Martin
RB: L Murray
WR: Hopkins
TE: Graham
Flex: Abdullah
D/s: Texans
K: Hauschka

Bench: (full of Byes)
Wentz (Bye)
Cooper (Bye)
Ajayi (Bye)
Henry - hopeful handcuff
Collins (Bye)
Morris - hopeful lotto pick

ROS: Do I just roll with the 3 WRs and hope one of the RBs turns more up side, or drop/ trade for a 4th WR?
10 team league and I’m 1st at 7-2

Thanks in advance

Try to sell Hopkins. He got a TD this week so you can still use his past performance to push future value that likely doesn’t exist. You need some RB help for playoffs. Go hunt down Kamara/McKinnon. Get rid of L. Murray in the process and pick up another WR2. Add Cooper as a throw in on a trade if you have to.

I’m doing my very best to sell hopkins this week. His name still has value and he got a TD last week, so you can still get some value out of him. I agree fully with @krazycarl on this