Should I look to stack?

Have a solid core of WRs in my Dynasty Superflex league which is also a 6point QB league.

My current QBs are Watson, Lock and Darnold and my current WR core is D Adams, AJ Brown and Amari Cooper.

Is it worth looking into trading for Aaron Rodgers or Dak and stacking them with the WR for the potential 12 point plus TDs or edge my bets and play it safe?

The price for Dak right now In a SF Dynasty is through the roof. I wouldn’t be trading for him just to stack him with Cooper. Same goes for Rodgers, while he’s much cheaper I wouldn’t be looking to trade to stack.

You maximize FF points with players from different teams. Having too many from the same team limits what you can score.

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If you consider the QB’s separate from the WR’s, Watson, Lock, and Darnold look to be in positions to be solid QB’s for the next 4-5 years while both Dak (contract) and Rogers (age + draft QB) face serious questions after this year.

My advice would be to stick with your young core and allow it to develop.

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