Should i lose on purpose?

So, 2 weeks ago, my league decided the positions in the draft would be the opposite of this season(champion gets last pick, last place pick1 etc)
I ended up making the playoffs, but lost round 1. Now i have a match to decide the 5th and 6th place. My team is better, should i bench my studs and lose on purpose to have the 7th pick on next years draft? Or win and get the 8th?

What would be the point? Why throw this one just to get a higher draft next season? Will you throw next SB also and every SB after that to never win lol? Win now, 7-8 isnt really a big difference

Edit, I just realized you aren’t in the championship… I don’t think it matters then


Hahaha thats the thing! Winning this matchup wont give me anything but 5th place, while losing can give me a higher draft pick

First off your league deciding the order of the draft that late in the season is no bueno, but if the league agreed then so be it. With that being said, I think you go for the L. No reason to win and the outcome of your matchup doesn’t effect anyone else except the person you are going up against so no harm done to other league mates.


Yeah, it was a weird time to make this decision, but our comissioner was waiting to see if everyone would play again next year and some guys just decided a few weeks ago. If there was a new guy coming in to the league, we would do it randomly

if you’re doing it on the order and you’re not winning money then yeah i’d throw it. What a dumb league rule.

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