Should I make a big time move?

10 man, Full PPR, 17 man roster. If you made playoffs, you can keep up to 10 guys, if you didn’t, you can keep up to all 17. Year 2 of the league. Draft is a mix of rookies and non-keepers. #FootClanTitle last year.
I’ve made some big moves already; should I be looking for more?

My 10 Keepers:
David Johnson
Melvin Gordon
Dalvin Cook
K. Drake
Mike Evans
Michael Thomas
T. Hill
J. Landry
Marvin Jones Jr

Picks: 2.04, 3.10, 4.07, and 5.10
The 1.01 is not gettable, guy is a HUGE Barkley fan, and Zeke has proved very difficult

Let me know if I should make moves or keep what I got. Thanks

I would stick with your roster. Only thing I might do is go after a top tier TE to just secure every position.

Or go after OBJ or Hopkins sense you have so much good depth at RB

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I prefer to stream the TE position or take a flier. I’m thinking of taking Burton, Reed, or Eifert with my 3.10 or 4.07.

And I like that idea; what should I offer? I’ve been wheeling and dealing all offseason and have made offers for both guys; but, I would love an objective suggestion.

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I’d be happy with this roster. Wouldn’t be looking for a major move. Of course if a good deal fell in my lap, I’d be listening.

Thats the only issue with this league, all but 3 members are basically silent and don’t pursue moves.

I would throw Gordon and Landry out there and see if they bite. But I would personally want another RB in return. You don’t need to move anybody so I wouldn’t be in any rush.

Not the best time to sell Landry

Thats why I’m asking for objective opinions. I’m a HUGE fan of Gordon, actually went to high school with him; so, he’s really hard to part with. Its a fair idea though.

I agree, he has the stink of CLE on him and everyone thinks he’ll be under 90 catches this year.

I actually think I would try and move one of those RBs. I assume you can’t play all four of those, and you have 4 RB1s. Obviously the depth is nice, but I would try and reallocate some of those assets to ones you can play all at one time.

I might try to go for an elite WR. Maybe package like Gordon/T.Hill for OBJ, Brown, or Hopkins or something like that? If one of the owners of one of those three guys is top heavy and needs some depth, he might do that. Think of how much better that would make your starting roster. Your WR depth wouldn’t be any less bad, and you still have 3 RB1s and Drake. I wouldn’t give up two assets like that for anything less than one of those WRs though. You might also have to throw in an ancillary pick to sweeten the pot but I think it would be worth it.

  1. Gordon/HIll for top 3 WR (Brown, Hopkins, OBJ)
  2. Cook/Marvin Jones for top 3 WR

I could see lots of possibilities to package a nice deal for an elite WR1

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Honestly, I’m not entirely sure I’d do the first trade. I think Hill is on the brink of that tier, hasn’t touched his ceiling yet, and is very young.

I also think Gordon showed he still has the talent he showed a few years ago.

I agree with you on the first trade; other than AB, I think Hill could finish near Hopkins and OBJ because of QB play. I am not saying he’s in the same tier, but if he finishes as 30 points behind them, I’d rather keep Gordon and Hill.

The second one is interesting. I tried moving Marvin Jones Jr and something for Robinson but the guy wasn’t interested.

Thoughts on maybe Kamara and maybe Marvin Jones for OBJ? I’m worried about him changing teams, possible suspensions, and poor QB play in NY. Plus Kamara is sooooo young.

My advice would be to stop tinkering. Injuries happen and having depth is important. How’d your team look last year when DJ and Cook went down? How would it have looked of you didn’t have Kamara, Gordon and Drake?

I agree if that’s where he finishes I’d keep Gordon/Hill. I don’t have Hill finishing that high though. Also, his consistency isn’t what those guys is. He’s more of a 35 pt, 7 pt, 29 pt, 10 pt type of guy not a 25 points every week. I’d usually take the latter of those, especially if they have the same upside.

I don’t think giving up one of those guys, which is essentially what you are doing if you do a 2 for 1, kills your depth that much at all. Idk how many guys you can start, but right now you have 4 RB1s + a decent RB2/flex guy, and 4 WR1/high WR2 guys, plus Marvin Jones a solid WR2. Depth is only good to a certain point…When DJ and Cook went out last year, I’m sure you were more than fine plugging in Evans/Landry/Marcin Jones at flex and rolling with Kamara and Gordon at RB. You probably still had one of the best starting rosters.

…but he did have Kamara, Gordon and Drake. You can’t just throw out crazy hypothetical like that. I mean yea “how would his team have looked if you swap Kamara for Crowell”, well he didn’t and he has Kamara.

I’m sure when DJ and Cook were out he did very well with Kamara/Gordon and rolling out Marvin J or Landry at the flex and MT/Evans/Hill at WR. That’s a stud roster. It’s not like he’s super top heavy and it’s not like he has trash on his bench. At one time he has an RB1 and a couple WR1s on his bench.

If he doesn’t have one of those RBs, and Cook and DJ go out again for the entire season, I think he’d still have one of the best starting rosters. He’d start Kamara and Drake at RB, and have say Hopkins, MT, and Mike Evans at WR/flex. There’s not need to plan for your roster having like 5 injuries. Keep some depth and you’ll be fine.

I look at it like this. This roster is a championship favorite, in almost any league (assuming there’s a non-stiff at QB), right now. Why screw with it?

You’re right that you don’t need to plan for 5 injuries, but they do happen, particularly at RB, and it’s an extreme luxury to be able to plug in another stud when they do. I value that quite highly if I already have a legit contending starting lineup.

And I’m even saying don’t make any moves, I just don’t think I’d be selling one of my RB1s when I have a roster than can legitimately win it all right now. I’d be more interested in something like this: Drake, Landry, And the 2nd for a WR upgrade.

The above may be a bit confusing. Was having trouble organizing my thoughts. Basically, I’m not that excited about selling an RB1 to upgrade an WR1, or high end WR2 for a higher end WR1, when I already have 4 WR1s… I’d rather add some sweetener to a WR to upgrade him. I just think that’s better roster management for a team that can win now.

Four WR1s, but Brown, OBJ, Hopkins are the elite WR1s and are on another level, particularly if you can get Brown. You have some decision right now every single week about who do you play because you have 4 WR1s. With this, you have at least one plug and play guy. You have a decision every single week about which guy do I sit, is it Landry and Hill, Evans and Landry, MT and Evans, etc. They are all pretty much in the same tier (WR1 so obviously a great tier). You end up having one sit on your bench…If you have Brown or Hopkins, there’s no decision ever. And you still great depth.

And I don’t quite get the “You have a championship roster, why mess with it” theory. That doesn’t make any sense at all. It’s pretty simple really, you mess with it to get a better roster. It’s not like you just have a good enough roster and you just sit on your hands no matter what. If you have a chance to make it better than do it. It’s not like you’re capped at how good your roster can be. I think this move would make his roster substantially better.

I don’t agree that it makes the roster better. Rather, I think it’s moving value around (and not just moving it from your bench to your starting lineup). Your starting RBs get worse, and you marginally improve your starting WR. And you hurt your RB depth. Another WR does not make up for loss of RB depth. As for accounting for RB injuries, that isn’t a ‘crazy hypothetical’, it’s common sense. RBs are extreme injury risks. Always have been, always will be. And they’re the most scarce and among the most consistent scorers out there. I’d like to have as many as i can, and 4 rock silid RB1s is a huge strength.

Now, if my WR core was weak, and RB was the only place I had excess value, I’d definitely be shopping one of them, but that’s not the case here. A trade I WOULD make would be one of the 4 WR1s on the roster, plus Drake (and the 2nd if needed) to upgrade that WR slot. Maybe Evans, Drake and the 2nd rounder for OBJ/AB? That is legitimately interesting, and accomplishes the goal of improving your WR group without eliminating an extremely valuable strength.

Edit: Basically, I think a WR should be the centerpiece of the trade for a WR, as opposed to an RB.