Should I make a move for a RB?

Do i need to make a move for a RB or can I make this work?

The draft was sunday night - 12 teams, full PPR, we start 2RB, 2WR and 2Flex

QB - Dalton, Winston
RB - Royce, Jamaal Williams, Cohen, Duke Johnson, Ty Mont, Rob Kelley
WR - ABrown, Diggs, DThomas, GTate, SWatkins, Tyrell Williams, Golladay
TE - Gronk

i was a bit shaky on my draft after, but i gotta say the love for Royce, Gronk and Diggs on the recent pod episodes has calmed me down a bit.


I would try to do something. I think your team is fine in general, but I am a bit unsure you have a definite starter at RB. Royce could be, but I am not certain the Booker hype is not dead. It ought to be, but still. The other guys are very insecure IMHO, especially with having to start 2 & 2 FLEX. I like Cohen and Duke, but it is not clear how much they will be used week to week. To me, you really only have FLEX guys at this point, maybe RB2 in Royce if it all pans out.

Too be clear, I like Royce but unsure I could roll him as my RB1.

That said, I do like the team in general. If I were you, I consider moving Gronk and one of your RB for a higher end RB. You can fill the TE slot with someone that is not as much of a fall-off as you might see in RB. Another thought is to just ride it out, as who knows in this crazy game? If your guys step up (namely J Willams) you would be okay. I just personally would love a dependable starter for week 1 at RB. I know anything can happen, but it might be a while before your guys get to the top of the order, if they get there.

These are just my thoughts and not any sort of ‘fact’ so take them for what they are. But I would try and find a way to add a RB if possible.

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