Should I Make A Move For Wentz?

Recently joined this forum to get some fantasy football insight from you guys. I play in a 2 QB, 3 FLEX, 8 player bench, 10 team league and NO PPR points . All TDs are worth 6 points (even for QBs) and all turnovers are worth -4. I’m currently sitting 5-2 and 2nd in my league, due to constant trading and good draft picks, this is what my current team looks like:

QB1: Dak Prescott
QB2: Matt Ryan
RB1: Kareem Hunt
RB2: Ezekiel Elliott
WR1: AJ Green
WR2: Mike Evans
TE1: Zach Ertz
FLEX: Jordan Howard
FLEX: Jay Ajayi
FLEX: Michael Thomas
BENCH: Aaron Rodgers
BENCH: Tarik Cohen
BENCH: Tevin Coleman
BENCH: Matt Forte
BENCH: Michael Crabtree
BENCH: Josh Doctson
BENCH: Evan Engram

Do you guys think I should try to go after Carson Wentz? I know I have the ammo to pack with Matt Ryan in order to make a good offer for him but should I? Will Ryan bounce back or should I take a shot on Wentz? If so what should I package alongside Ryan to make this move happen? I was thinking of moving Ryan, Coleman and Crabtree for Wentz… too much? What do you guys think? Any input is appreciated, thanks.

I would try to get wentz all day long but a 2for1 deal is what I would do. Package Ryan with Coleman and if you have to maybe another but I would try a 2-1 deal first. Wentz looks good and will probably continue to kill it.

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Who else do you think I could add to Ryan and Coleman? Would tossing Crabtree in there be too much?

Yes adding Crabtree is too much. Ryan + 1 is Fair because who knows when Ryan could come back to form. Fill the +1 with something they need of course

PS - your team looks stacked as hell! Nice drafting/trading/waiver watching

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Appreciate it, I got lucky by moving Dalvin Cook before his injury and OBJ as well. @Mitch_Please
I actually play the guy that has Wentz this week, should I try to make a move before or after we play? Wentz obviously has the better matchup against SF but it’s a toss up, what do you think?

Yh Three players is overkill especially with crabtree in the mix

I’m actually in negotiations with the wentz owner. He’s desperate for a WR and I’ve got t. hill Jordy Crabtree and funchess was gonna try to pair jordy and an extra piece but im willing to go as high as crabtree and an additional player maybe T. coleam or j. Mckinnon i havbe mariota and streaming has been really shake for me so im taking a shot at this trade

Appreciate the feedback guys, I think I’m gonna try to work something out for him. Should I do it this week or wait until next week since we play each other this week…?

How much do you value Rodgers?

I picked Rodgers off waivers because he was dropped. I’m sure he’ll be back come playoff time which is why I picked him up. No problem moving on him though, why do you ask? @aucordov

Ah ok, wasn’t sure if you started with him originally or not cause someone may value him a lot still. Not sure how other teams depth charts are looking, but I’d try packaging him with crabtree (maybe also Cohen) first to feel people out. If so, that’d leave you with Matt Ryan and Coleman as a decent trade/start option in case something happens to one of your starters.

If he bites on the ryan + 1 proposal I’d do it this week. Start Wentz against him and take the better matchup!

I know it feels weird trading when playing against someone so I understand if you wait - if ryan goes off and Wentz has an average instead of a baller week like he’s been doing, it could decrease the extra value you would have to add as well, so there is benefit to waiting too…

Go with your gut on this one though!

Yeah your team is stacked! Just my two cents as a Wentz owner (albeit in a 10 team standard scoring league). To be honest, I would expect more for him. Wentz to Ryan would be a substantial downgrade in my eyes. Crabtree is super solid but does he balance out the pt loss from the QB change? Both QBs have a few tough teams ahead on the schedule but I’m beginning to trust Wentz and that offense. I don’t know what’s up with Ryan.

I’m gonna try to offer him Ryan and Coleman to start but if he refuses, I might add Forte to the deal. That seems fair to me since I don’t really need Forte, would just need a QB to get me through Week 10 when the Eagles have their BYE week. Appreciate all the feedback! :grin: