Should I make a move

at RB?

I have M. Thomas, Kupp, John Brown and Kittle. Buck Allen and Royce Freeman are my starting RBs atm with Breida likely to miss this week. Thomas on bye, of course and I’m 2-3, sitting in 10th place playing the 12th place team in a half point league. Can I stay in the flames? Or do I need to move Kupp for some RB help? I like my overall team and don’t wanna break it down… but I want to win more. Give me some thoughts, please.

Bump. Would love some input.

I agree that your RB situation is weak. If you can make a move to bolster them, then I would do it. However, moving a piece like Kupp would weaken your WRs, especially this week with no Thomas. What does your full roster look like?