Should I make a trade? HELP!

QB: Eli Manning
RB: Kamara
RB: J. Ajayi
WR: Diggs
WR: Adams
TE: Rudolph
FLEX: S. Michel
Bench - R. Penny, K. Drake, TJ Yeldon, M. Mack, Cobb, John Brown

I’m thinking of packaging Brown and Yeldon for a QB not sure who to target or Package do a 2 for 1 somewhere and upgrade at TE, RB, WR

You sound like you’re all over the place with what it is you exactly want to do.

It’s all team dependent. If you’re still winning currently, I would look to continue trying to stream QB’s, and every week i’m always looking at upgrading my team by bouncing around different trades. It’s hard for me to give you trade options.

Just throwing a random trade out there, if i were you i would maybe try and package Ajayi and one of your bench RB’s for an elite RB (Mixon and a reliable QB for the ROS)

Thank you I really was just curious who to target in a trade my bench has been doing good just not sure who to target really