Should I make a trade? My 3RB scenario

Hey all,

I’m looking at Derrick Henry, Melvin Gordon, and Marlon Mack as my 3rb’s next year with only two later rookie picks (2.09 and 3.10). League is full ppr.

My team is a contender with top receivers Juju, Odell, and Kenny G along with a couple of others. Mahomes is my QB.

Question is what move at RB would you be making in my position? I feel like I either need to invest in more long-term RB talent (earlier draft picks) or just wait it out. All three of those backs could fall through though. What would you do here?


I would move one to grab more secure option. Honestly derrick Henry would land you the biggest haul with an up and coming back like singeltary +1st pick. I would try to move mack tho…he seems the most replaceable and he had a solid season so should fetch you something like monty/2nd or 2020 1st/ a high potential wr to back up juju or odell.

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Thanks. I think I’m with you, though the big haul Henry could land me is super enticing.

I’m not excited about any of these guys for this year except for Henry. We have no idea where Gordon will land or if they’ll give him the same high value touches LAC did. Mack has QB issues(though there are rumors they’re going after Felipe Rios). Henry can’t really improve on last season, so the only way to go is down for his value. See if you can sell them all individually to RB needy teams while trying to acquire early 1sts(or mid 1sts if you like Akers) or other RB’s you desire. Don’t just do 1 for 1 swaps but maybe add one of your lesser WR’s to improve that specific RB spot.


I’m with the others here. I would move Henry without worry and likely get a nice haul (picks/players). I would also look to move Mack for a high 2020 2nd, or a late 1st if you can swing it. Definitely start at the 1st :wink:

I do not think Rivers to Indy helps Mack much but it might get people excited and you can point to Mel Gordon as reason to like it.

I certainly think it is better to cross-position trade. It makes it more challenging to evaluate. Plus, you can target someone who is lacking in the position you are moving. At the same time, you might acquire a piece that is easier to flip for the RB / pick you are wanting. Sometimes a non-linear path gets you there quicker.

In the end, I think getting picks gives the best ammo as you can move them straight value, get a rookie or sweeten an offer.

Just my thoughts, but I hope they help.

This is super helpful. Especially the great reminder that nonlinear is the way to go - it’s all about the best combination of players possible. Thanks to you and keith_ferguson for the comments.

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