Should I make a trade?

I’m sitting atop my league at 8-3. I’m not sure if I should stay put or make a trade for another WR or RB. I attached a picture of my team. 12 team, .5PPR league.

perine should be your rb2 now w/ injuries, any way you could get a 3rd RB that’s better than lewis?

Probably. That is what I was thinking to do as well. Just not really sure who I want to target

it could have been done cheaper a week ago, but maybe wait a week and see if lat murray has a low week and target him. he’s going to get goal line work and is out touching mckinnon on what is a good offense, and his name won’t command the price of some other dudes.

Unfortunately, my trade deadline is the 25th, so it’s now or never. Thanks for the advice!

I def think you need some RB help. With this Fournette saga and never knowing what can happen with him, I think you need some help there.

With the Byes over I actually think you’re decent at RB. When Hogan comes back your WRs will look a lot better. I’m just hoping you have a decent QB available after this week. If you really want to sell high on Fournette and get another legit RB and a flex RB