Should I make an offer for OBJ?


Odell owner is a little light on RBs and has Marlon Mack. Do I offer Shady and Calvin Ridley for Odell as a buy low, or maybe Shady/Ridley for Odell/Tevin? What do you all think? I’m also thinking about making the same offer (McCoy/Ridley) for Gurley.

My lineup is as follows:

QB: Mahomes
RB: Kamara
RB: Kerryon
WR: Godwin
WR: Ridley
TE: Waller
W/R/T: McCoy
DEF: Whoever
K: Wil Lutz
BN: McLaurin
BN: Chark
BN: Tyreek Hill
BN: Mecole Hardman
BN: Miles Sanders
BN: Royce Freeman

if you can buy low on obj I would.

What do you think of that offer? Good enough to get him? Too little? Overpay?

I offered Gallman and McCoy for him and it was rejected. Floated Michel and Lesean McCoy for him too. I cant get the OBJ owners to budge off of a high valuation. I think I would be getting him cheap since he is at 20%+ market share of targets.

Would McCoy and Ridley or McCoy and Chark be too much?

I don’t think it would be enough

What would you offer, looking at my roster (in the OP)?

looking for help here

Would have to give me Kerryon and Ridley/Waller/McLaurin for me to even listen. That still might not be enough. OBJ was a top 15 pick probably. People aren’t going to throw him away if they have a clue of what’s going on.

I just went out and got Kerryon so I could trade Chris Carson for Obj. Buy low now

If you get it done for that i absolutely would. As an OBJ owner in all my leagues, I would never accept those offers but I have an unreasonable bias toward OBJ :slight_smile:

Someone in my league just traded OBJ for Hooper.