Should I make any upgrades?

In a 32man roster (IDP).start 10 off players a week. Should I make any upgrades via trade? Or stick with what I’ve got. Qbs worry me a little but only ones I can really get without breaking the bank is Ryan, maybe stafford.

Dalton, Brissett, Goff, McCown
Hyde, gore, bell, shady
Jordy, green, Parker, Landry, Crabtree
Ertz, graham, Engram, gronk

Ryan would be a good grab for the playoffs. Has an easier schedule. You look pretty set everywhere else. Very nice team, as far as I can tell!

Would have to give up Goff and Jordy to Ryan though and a small piece with him that probably wouldn’t be that useful. Even worth it at that point?

I assume you can play all your tight ends if not then package one of them with a qb for a better qb.

Either way I’d aim for tyrod. Lower price than Ryan. Or look into mariota as the owner may be frustrated with him by now