Should I make some trades?

I know its only 1 Week but right now my WR2 is lockett (who only got a target in the 4th) or watkins (who knows how consistent he will stay). should i look at trading for an upgraded WR2 if so who? or should i just stay tight for now. full PPR. team right now is
QB: Jackson
RB: Kamara, Gurely, Sony, Henderson
WR: Evans, Lockett, Watkins, Westbrook, Metcalf
TE: Waller (streaming the position)

No. Start Sony against Miami. And start Watkins!

No. Watkins will be the bell cow as long as he stays healthy until Hill returns.

You’re in great shape just need some TD’s to come your way this week. I wouldn’t hold both SEA WRs but you can stay put and work the waiver wire.