Should I make the move just before the deadline?


do you have another QB besides mahomes?

I wouldn’t bank on Fitzpatrick playing the whole season.

I’d be getting Mahomes. I have Luck as well.

I have a soft spot for Thomas.

I just realized the screenshot was from the guy offering the trade. I’ll be getting the Mahomes and Thomas side.

then who do who have left for TE? I dont think the trade is worth it if you have to go to waviers for a TE after the deal.

take it . NOW

I agree with the tight end point. But the rest of my team will be stacked. Mr RBS are Gordon, Howard, Richard and Michel who would be replaced by DJ. WRs are currently Antonio Brown, Mike Evans, Cooper Kupp and Josh Gordon. QB is Luck. Then you can calculate the trade into that.

Kyle Rudolph would be available. Would that be a good enough replacement to make it worth it in your opinion?

So you think Thomas is an upgrade on Brown and Mahomes is that much better than Luck? Just trying to make my final decision.

Andrew Luck is my other QB and I’d be trading away Fitz… What are your thoughts?