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Should I make the trade? LeSean and Fitzy for Le'Veon and Crowder


It is a full point PPR. I’m positive on Crowder but it feels risky.



I would. McCoy is the only weapon left for the Bills so defenses can stack the box and key in on him to shut him down. Who are your other WR’s?


I’m doing it if I’m receiving Lev Bell.


Yes I would. Think that’s a great trade


Unless it kills your WR depth (I am not solid on Crowder) then definitely.


I am pretty thin.




It does a bit but I think i like it too much to pass up. I’ll probably try and trade a rb for another wr2 after


How many RB’s/WR’s and flex do you start?


3 WRs
2 RBs


I don’t see how you can make this trade then personally…Crowder would be in your starting lineup and not just a throw in piece…Shepard is at least a week or two away…As much as I love Lev I think you are just too short at WR to move off of fitz…If you are ok with starting crowder then go for it but I personally wouldn’t be…


looks like your kind of thin across the board. so i would do it, and at least get bell.


What do the waivers look like as far as WR? If you can afford a week, you could take it and try and trade Howard for WR depth. I would probably take it but you’d have to make some kind of other moves


Yes i say what they heck go for it btw @Kroutonn @Islandboy09 @dirtyjerz @Mike07 @F00way @bjk2xg can you guys help me out https://community.thefantasyfootballers.com/t/road-to-50-likes-on-a-topic/22850

btw Le veon bell i that grabs my eyes you cant go wrong with him idk if he will do good against that DEF he is about to play tho


Thanks for the advice! I really appreciate it.

I completely agree with you, this trade comes down to me being comfortable starting Crowder which is a very tough ask right now.

Luckily I have very good players outside of WRs and RBs along with a 4-1 record so I can afford to take some risk.

I will have to think on this one…