Should I make this offer in Full PPR Dynasty?

I offer Beckham, Kelce, Michel, and a 1st round pick for next year for Adams, Kittle, and Dalvin Cook?

Ok lets try to break this down part by part:

OBJ vs Adams-

  • Both are the same age, both are the #1 on their team, and both are elite talents.
  • Baker is very good but Rodgers is better (as of now) however Baker is much younger (although I think Rodgers plays another 3-4 years which puts Adams at 30)
  • OBJ has to compete for more targets and is on a lower passing volume offense
  • OBJ has some injury history
    I take Adams slightly over OBJ because of a solidified HOF QB, more guaranteed volume, and less injury concern

Kelce and Kittle-
Both are top end talents but Kelce is in a tier of his own and we haven’t seen Kittle have to perform while competing for targets from Jimmy G. The big difference is Kelce is 29 vs Kittle’s 25. Normally, in dynasty, when two players are tied, I use age as a tie-breaker. Some may say Kelce vs Kittle is the perfect age tie breaker; but, I think Kelce is in his own tier for the next 2-3 years. Therefore, give me Kelce SLIGHTLY over Kittle.

Lastly, Michel vs Cook and a 1st. This is easy because NE is going back to NE ways with a somewhat unpredictable RBBC and Michel doesn’t catch; so, heads up, I take Cook over Michel easily. The 1st minimally impactful because with these rosters I assume it’ll be a back-half pick. I think Cook is more valuable than Michel and a dart throw rookie.

Final break down:
OBJ < Adams (very close)
Kelce > Kittle (VERY close)
Michel and a 1st < Cook

Give me Adams/Kittle/Cook


@michael_pounders Your last comment has the 1st included. Should be Adams/Kittle/Cook right?

I take this side OBJ/Kelce/Michel/1st side of this trade 10 out of 10 times.

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Yes, good catch; I’ll edit it.

You take the OBJ side? Is that because you see OBJ well ahead of Adams, Kelce, or in dynasty or do you value the 1st more?

Yeah he would be losing the 1st round pick. I definitely agree with what michael_pounders was saying with his rankings, but I will say OBJ has a pretty high ceiling. Just not as high of a floor as Adams. Also, I think with Jimmy Graham and those younger WRs having a 2nd yr under their belt with Rodgers, he will be spreading the ball around again like he did with Nelson, Adams, Cobb era. Freddie Kitchens (CLE) is a defensive guy and will rely on that and his offense slowing the game down. So I don’t think we will see Baker slinging the ball all around the field.

If I took OBJ/Kelce/Michel, it’s all because of Kelce. Adams is my WR1 this season but I think Kelce is just going to blow all other TEs out of the water, especially if Hill doesn’t play this season. Watkins has had nagging injuries all his career and I don’t see Hardman filling any shoes. Kelce is the only guy there that Mahomes will rely on.


I do think OBJ’s talent is greater than Adams. However these players are close. I can’t fault someone taking one over the other.

However I see Kelce >>>> Kittle. He has a proven record of opportunity and talent in the Andy Reid offense (2013-present):

Kittle put up a great year in 2019, no question.

However he was all they had:

I expect the 49ers offense to be better and Garoppolo to spread it around in 2019.

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You can look at @fun4willis for reasons, but I am OBJ side without question. I understand reasons for the other side, but I am smash accepting the OBJ side. Straight up is more of a coin-flip for me, but to also have a 1st rounder in the mix makes the OBJ side too alluring.

Just my two cents!