Should I make this Trade? (Give Conner, Lynch for Thielen)

Hey Footclan,

looking for some help.

I’m being offered thielen for conner and lynch.

My team:

WR: AJ Green, Baldwin, Kupp, Lockett, enunwa, crodwer & allison

RB: Kamara, conner, howard, lynch, Kerryon, Jamal Williams

I want to give up conner before I lose his value and need help with WR, but I’m worried about losing my depth at RB.


PS: This guy also has devonta freeman so I was considering adding baldwin if he’ll add freeman…

Thanks guys!

I wouldn’t take that trade. You just lose to much at the RB position.

Would you feel any different if I included baldwin and he added freeman?

I would maybe offer Connor for Thielen straight up, nothing more though

Now he’s proposing kamara for thielen and devonta freeman…

that i definitely wouldn’t do, the original deal i would 100% do, kamara and howard aren’t leaving your lineup outside of injury or byes, kerryon will come on as season goes on, jamaal is risky, but if you can do the same deal as the original and get devonta and toss in baldwin, i would do that too despite the injuries on both sides.