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Should I make this trade? I have Luck and need a QB


In a 12 team PPR, I have luck and Palmer. I have stacked WR, and pretty good rb. This guy wants to trade me Stafford and Jeremy Hill for Terrance West and Ted Ginn. (both on my bench). Should I do it? Stafford is great to fill in games in my opinion.


He’s trying to steal Ted gin from u. Just start palmer till Luck gets back


No trade.

Palmer has good match-ups the first month (speculative, i know) and Stafford has some tough match-ups the first two months of the season. Keep your bench strong at this point.

In a 12 team myself and most people draft 2 qb’s so it appears the streaming option is a junk yard. But when bye weeks and injuries start hitting, Qb’s start popping back up in the waivers makes streaming a viable option if Luck doesn’t come back within that first month.

Good Luck to your season!


I like it man. I’m keeping Palmer. I trust in him. I just REALLY hope Luck doesn’t have to miss too much, my team is not complete without him haha