Should I make this trade? Please help!

So I’m actually sitting comfortably right now at 4-1 with a pretty solid team:
Wr: Godwin, Kupp, Fitz, Tyrell Williams, Dorsett
RBs: gurley, Chubb, Hyde, Jordan Howard
TES: Austin hooper, Dissly

So I’m ok but I was offered mike Evans Greg Olsen and Tarik Cohen for Dissly and Fitz. I don’t like the thought of having both Evans and Godwin but is this not a steal for me?

I’d feel good with it. But risk is that Dissly continues to be hugely productive although having Hooper means you’re OK at TE. Fitz is perhaps more stable scorer this season but evans as WR3 is ridiculous.

I would take it, you have Hooper so losing Dissly won’t hurt you that much and Evans is boom or bust atm but he’s the better WR when compared to Fitz. So you’re replacing FItz for Evans and that sounds pretty good to me.