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Should I make this trade ? Sammy Watkins & Duke Johnson for Devante Parker & Derrick Henry


Should I trade Sammy Watkins and Duke Johnson for Devante Parker and Derrick Henry. I’m in a half pt ppr league and Johnson seems to be emerging as the rb to own in Cleveland and a good flex option, while it seems that Henry will always behind Murray as long as he’s healthy. On the other side, Watkins is going to face a tough schedule moving forward, but Parker seems to be Culter’s #1 target.


post bump. Any thoughts guys ?


I wouldn’t Henry is purely speculative, a handcuff. Parker is OK in PPR, but I think Sammy is the best player in the trade and Johnson could be 2nd best. I wouldn’t do it.


Parker is arguably as good as Watkins and Better than Johnson imo


The problem with Sammy is that after the cowboys, his schedule is horrible where he’s going to go up against Richard Sherman, Jalen Ramsey, Patrick Peterson, Janoris Jenkins, and Xavier Rhodes. That’s why getting Parker would be more appealing. Henry could be a top rb if Murray goes down, but thats a big “if” while Johnson seems like he already solidified his role in the browns offense. That’s what makes this trade so tricky lol