Should I make this trade?!

I trade Bradford and T. West
I get D. Carr and Buck Allen

I have Diggs, Cooper and Pryor as my WR so I wanted the Carr and Cooper hook up.

My RB are stacked so idc about west. PPR

It’s a no for me…

Not awful persay.

You prob upgrading on QB but downgrading on RB.

Now if you will never use west and you want an upgrade at QB then yes.

But if you will ever be in need of west… Then no

My RBs are McCoy, Hunt, D. Martin, Kamara so I don’t really need West. And I’d be getting J Allen from him also anyway @Fr0sty11


With those other RBs might as well upgrade to carr.

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If youre stacked on RBs take the trade… Carr is finally lookinmg up and you just dont know how Sammy Biscuits will perform coming off that injury, plus the Carr to Copper connection could help if Cooper starts getting longer and more targets