Should I make this Trade!?!?!?

Trading Devin Singletary and Keenan Allen for Miles Sanders?!? Currently have extra WRs and my 1 is DHop and 2 is Juju needing a RB2 Only have King Henry and then just have Akers and Gibson as my other RBs…oh ya and I’ll receive his 8th Rd pick for my 10th!

Personally, I would not be buying into the Eagles right now. It looks real bad.

Based on talent and opportunity, its a fair trade.

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like @fun4willis said, i think you could probably pull off that trade elsewhere (maybe look at the drake owner, it will feel like you’re overpaying but the offense is too good and he has so much opportunity).

But if that’s the best option you have, value wise, it’s a pretty even trade. I’d even make it myself if i couldn’t find a better option elsewhere.

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